About Zeeland — FEEL THE ZEEL

Zeel is abundant enthusiasm that is unique to those living in Zeeland; a passionate and spirited pursuit to be part of a big small town full of everyday good living and unmatched enterprise.

If you want to FEEL THE ZEEL, then take a stroll down Main Street and visit any shop or diner where stories are made and shared. Visit any neighborhood where front porches are memory catchers and sidewalks are popular. Take a look at flourishing innovation, from home-grown flower shops to fortune 500’s. Find your favorite curb and settle in for any one of our annual parades. And join the stands full of fans, friends and family that support our local schools like each student is one of their own. The ZEEL is contagious and celebrated. And it’s one-of-a-kind here in Zeeland. FEEL THE ZEEL.

Things to Love

Main Street

Visit our Historic Main Street and shop at locally loved businesses - some of which have called Zeeland home for over a hundred years.

Splash Pad / Skating Rink 

Get out and play right next to the Zeeland City Hall!

View our parks page for more information.
Feel the Zeel

From city events to zeel gear, Feel the Zeel brings you all things Zeeland.

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