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Throughout the bookshelves you'll find booklets with Series Lists. There are currently 6 series booklets available. The booklets are updated periodically throughout the year - but this page is updated monthly! Sometimes we the series list hasn't been updated since the last month we just do the best we can to keep your information as up to date as possible. 

In addition to the genre series lists that we keep at the library, there are other sites that you might want to check out to get the full list of books in the series. Please click on the pictures to get to the websites. 

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FantasticFiction is a website that our staff loves to use to help patrons see what book comes next in the series, what the newest book in the series is, and when the next book will be published. If you search for an author you can see all of the series written by said author and read a short description of his/her history! 

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GoodReads is similar to FantasticFiction, however, it is not as easy to view all of an author's books on one page. GoodReads does allow users to track what they've read and what they want to read as well as write/read reviews on books. 

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Mid-Continent Public Library's Juvenile Series & Sequels page. This is a Missouri library that covers multiple counties in the state. They've created an excellent page that allows children and parents to browse book series by subject, author, or title. You should not the catalog link on this page because it is not connected to our library. This is simply a resource to allow you to get reading ideas. 

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Contains information on over 260,000 fiction and readable nonfiction titles. Features lists of award-winning books, book discussion guides, Read-a-like recommendations, and complete series information. Also includes reader ratings and reviews. Create your own reading list.  

Genre Lists

Please click on the linked text to get to the series list. 

Junior Fiction Genre Photo

Junior Fiction Series List at the Howard Miller Public Library. 

Tween Genre Photo

Tween Fiction Series List at the Howard Miller Public Library. 

Young Adult Genre Photo

Young Adult Fiction Series List at the Howard Miller Public Library. 

Christian Fiction Grene Photo

Christian Fiction Series List at the Howard Miller Public Library. 

Mystery Genre Photo

Mystery Series List at the Howard Miller Public Library. 

Western Genre Photo

Western FIction Series List at the Howard Miller Public Library.