RBdigital audiobooks now available in the Libby app

What is RBdigital?

RBdigital is our library's eMagazine provider until the start of 2021. In the new year, the magazines will be moved to the OverDrive/Libby app. It is the only way to find free magazines. There are 240 downloadable magazines through RBdigital. They vary from American Girl Magazine to ESPN to HGTV to Highlights to Adult Coloring Books! There is something for everyone. 

Getting RBdigital

It is so simple to sign up for RBdigital! Follow these steps:
  1. Seach for RBdigital in your app/play store or go to lakelandcoop.rbdigital.com (skip step 2 if using a computer)
  2. Download app
  3. Click Register Now
  4. Fill in the correct information
    1. Create a username and password that you will remember.
  5. Click Register and you're done! 

Using RBdigital

The app and the website have a very similar structure - the instructions here can be used for either! There is no checkout limit for RBdigital materials! 

Home Page

RBDigital Homepage Screenshot

On the home page you will see the magazine collection
If you have items checked out, the app will automatically take you to your checkouts and not the home page. Use Menu to get back to the home page. 

Menu (Three lines in top left corner)

Menu allows you to quickly navigate to Audiobooks, Ebooks, or Magazines. It also allows you to see what books you have checked out on your account. 

My Account

RBdigital My Account Screenshot

Click on My Account to see: 
  • Your Wishlist
  • Your Holds
  • Your History
    • If you liked an author or narrator you can check your history and click on their name to find more by him/her. 
  • Recommended
    • These are general recommendations unless you go through your settings and change them. 
  • Profiles
    • You can add other family members to the app. Use Profiles to change which person is using the device. 
    • To add a profile, you need to click on the + sign to the right of "Profiles". Then sign in like you did earlier. 
  • Settings
    • Change your preferences through settings. 
    • You can determine if you want titles automatically downloaded or if you want to download them at a later time. We recommend that you keep Wi-Fi only on as downloading books can use a lot of data. 
    • You can tell RBdigital what genres you want to listen/read by going through their lists found under Audiobook Preferences and eBook Preferences. 
      • Magazine preferences will show you what magazines you have on automatic checkout. 
      • To remove something from your preferences you can go through and click on the genre again. 

        RBdigital Preferences Screenshot
    • You can change the language of the app under Settings. 

Logout will log you out of the app. Remember, you do not have to logout to switch profiles - you can have a family member's account saved as a profile and switch to their account under Settings. 

Last updated: October 20, 2020