Magazines on RBdigital

RBdigital will be transitioning its downloadable magazines to OverDrive/Libby in 2021. Please check back for more information as we get closer to the new year. 

RBdigital Magazine Website Banner

Searching for a Magazine: 

RBdigital Magazine Genre Options Screenshot

You can search for a magazine if you know what title you want. Or you can browse through the "Filter" option: 
  1. Click "Filter"
  2. Click "Genre"
  3. Scroll through and find the genre that interests you. You can only pick one at a time. 
  4. Click "Search" 

Checking out a Magazine:


You can check out a magazine from the search page by clicking "Checkout" under the title. Click on the magazine cover if you want to learn more about the magazine (not the specific issue). Click on the red checkout box if the magazine interests you. 

RBdigital Magazine description and see more issues screenshot

You can check out a previous issue of the magazine by clicking "View All Issues". Some magazines do not have previous issues. 

Once you click "Checkout", you will be given an option to automatically check out the next issue when it becomes available. You will be notified via email when this happens. 

Reading Your Magazine: 

Now that you've checked out a magazine you can read it anywhere! Click on the button that says "Read" to open the magazine. Here are some tips for reading your magazine: 
  • When you first open the magazine, it will show you the articles as thumbnails at the bottom of the screen. 
  • You can click "Content Overview" to see the pages or list of articles. This way you do not have to spend your time swiping through the pages. 
  • Articles are not formated like ebooks. You will scroll down to read an article - like you would on a website!
  • If you want to print something out of the magazine you will need to sign in to RBdigital's website: and follow these steps: 
    • Find the magazine you want to print from and open it. 
    • On the left you will see the magazine menu. Click on the "Table of Contents" to find the page you want to print. 
    • Click on that page. 
    • Click on the icon that looks like an open book. It represents a PDF. 
    • Now a printer icon is available on the left-side menu. 
    • Click on the printer icon. It will automatically print the two-page spread, so if you just want to print one of the pages be sure to specify which page on print preview. If the article is longer than two pages, you will need to go to the next page and click print again. 
RBdigital Magazine Action Icons Screenshot

Returning Your Magazine:


Magazines do not have a due date and can remain on your device as long as you wish. Click on the magazine cover and then on the Return button under the magazine cover image to return it.