Are study rooms available?

Our study rooms are currently unavailable. We don’t anticipate being able to open them until after the virus is controlled. There are tables with single chairs throughout the library for those who need a quiet place to study.

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1. How many people will be able to be in the library at one time?
2. Are kids allowed in the library? Can my entire family come to enjoy the library?
3. Will I be able to use the computers in the library?
4. Is the children's area of the library open?
5. Will I need to wear a mask? What if I don't wish to or cannot wear one?
6. Will we be able to read magazines and newspapers in the library?
7. How does curbside pick up work at this time?
8. Are study rooms available?
9. Now that the library is open, will there be in-person programming?
10. Where did all the furniture go? Why does the library look so empty?
11. Are you accepting donations?
12. What if I have more questions or need to share concerns with someone? How do I do that?